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Submissions Guidelines for 2g Productions

Theatre Name
Second Generation Productions

New Play Submissions
c/o Margaret Chen
80-17 Bell Blvd.

Hollis Hills, NY 11427
Phone (212) 334-4777
Email info (AT) (no submission by emails)
Artistic Director NA
Literary Manager Margaret Chen
Submission procedure

Manuscripts should be bound, on letter-size 8.5” x 11” paper in a readable font, with a title page containing all relevant contact information for the author and/or author’s representative.

Please include a resume and cover letter with your submission, including all previous development, readings and/or productions, if applicable, of the submitted work.  If there are any options, rights or other contractual obligations related to the submission, please provide all pertinent details in your cover letter.

If you wish for us to notify you upon our receipt of your submission, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard, and we will return it to you upon receipt.

If you require that your submission materials to be returned to you, please send a manuscript-sized, self-addressed envelope with appropriate return postage.  If we do not receive this envelope, we reserve the right to retain your submitted materials for archival purposes, or otherwise recycle your materials following our review.

Types of Material See above
Special Interests Although we are specifically seeking plays by writers of Asian descent, we are a broad-ranged Asian American theater company, and therefore highly encourage the submission of works by or for artists underrepresented in our communities (e.g., the Pacific Islands, South and Southeast Asia, biracial or mixed-race communities, etc.). 
Facilities NA
Production Considerations Additionally, we have no limitations on technical or artistic modes of expression, and therefore do not impose any requirements in terms of form, style, genre, length, or theme.  In other words, please feel free to submit any full-length or one-act plays that you might be interested in developing.  We are not limiting our interest to plays that specifically address “Asian American issues”, or some broad notion of “The Asian American Experience”.  As an arts organization dedicated to providing a platform for the diversity of experience within our community, we have no interest in defining or limiting the scope of what this “experience” might be.  So please don’t worry about such formal restrictions, and simply send us work that matters to you.  Regardless of whether or not it is selected for further development, it will matter to us as well.
Best Submission Time NA
Response Time "While we take great care in reviewing all submitted materials, we regret that we may be unable to respond to all submissions in a substantive way. "
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