Submission for Playwrights

Submissions Guidelines for East West Players

Theatre Name
East West Players
Address 120 Judge John Aiso St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Email (do not submit via email)
Artistic Director Tim Dang
Literary Manager Jeff Liu
Submission procedure

Manuscripts should be bound, preferably with brads and three-hole punch paper, with a title pagecontaining all contact information for the author. Please also include cover letter and resume.

If you’d like to send a SASP (self-addressed stamped postcard) for confirmation of receipt, EWP willl send it back to you when we receive your materials. If you’d like them to return your script, please send a manuscript-sized SASE with the appropriate postage. Plays are typically kept plays for their archives; please let them know if you would NOT like tjem to do so.

(Authors can also be notified via email)

Types of Material

East West Players is an Asian American theatre, and most of the new works produced revolve around Asian Pacific American (as opposed to Asian) characters and/or themes. EWP is looking for both comedy and drama, in English and financially viable (which includes considerations such as cast size, number of sets, etc.), and they don’t necessarily have to be "issue-oriented," in that race can be an unspoken component in the work.

Writers are strongly encouraged to browse through the EWP production history, which can be found here.

Special Interests See above.
Facilities David Henry Hwang Theatre.
Production Considerations See above.
Best Submission Time --
Response Time

3 – 9 months for consideration. All scripts are read by Literary Committee and a single script is read by a minimum of 2 readers, sometimes more, before a recommendation.

Special Programs --

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