Lauren Yee’s KING OF THE YEES Reading in the Bay Area

April Rough Reading:
King of the Yees
by Lauren Yee

Lauren Yee King of the YeesAmid a backdrop of crumbling Chinatowns and all-too-lifelike museums, playwright Lauren Yee races through history, space, and the fourth wall to find her father in this joyride through San Francisco’s disappearing past.

Monday April 20 & Tuesday April 21st
Stanford and San Francisco

Save a seat to a show with an RSVP! Email or call 415.626.2176.

“King of the Yees starts from a very real, grounded place and explodes outwards as we and our protagonist go through the journey of the play…I want to write plays that surprise me as I’m writing them, and hopefully that translates to a satisfying experience for an audience, too.

Read the full interview the Playwrights Foundation blog


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