This Is a Page I Didn’t Want to Update…Yellowface

Yellowface protest in SeattleOnce again, yellowface in The Mikado rears its ugly head. The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players are defiantly producing this show in the worst way possible, with an “F– you” to the Asian American community, declaring that this production is for Gilbert and Sullivan “experts” (theatre experts need not apply, apparently) with a mostly white cast (many Asian Americans performers, some with Broadway credits, were simply not seen).

(And just note that the Revue has read the script and seen productions of The Mikado, and there’s simply not that much there that’s overtly racist; it’s all put in there by the producing companies).

Well, here’s the list of links about the original controversy (the Seattle G&S folks have yet to talk to members of the community for this one….)

(Revised to add Leah Nanako Winkler’s blog post [after all, she brought this to our attention])

The Fuse is Lit

The Brew bubbles: First Reactions

The Community Reacts

The wider community makes comments

Sometimes, humor is the best approach

The ultimate expression

The contagion spreads

Seattle community follow up (where The Revue makes just one pithy comment)


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