Ma-Yi LABFEST Coming Up!

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“And Baby Makes Gray”

by Damon Chua
Inter-racial gay couple Everett and Cal, having decided to father a child through surrogacy, confront big questions about the would-be ethnicity of their baby.
Tuesday, October 13th @ 7pm | RSVP

“The Untitled Yo Project”

by Deepa Purohit
A woman faces her own mortality as a writer attempts to fulfill the optimistic promise of memorializing her life. Both get more than they bargained for.
Wednesday, October 14th @ 7pm* 
**This reading is by invitation only

“The New Deal”

by Mrinalini Kamath
Imprisoned for murder, Inmate 2 is a survivor, which is why he chooses to participate in an experimental government program over death row. The New Deal explores a not-too-distant future where prison and pharmaceutical corporations form a collaboration.
Thursday, October 15th @ 7pm**
**This reading is by invitation only


@ Queens Theatre in the Park

by Nandita Shenoy
 Sonya and Michael’s recent elopement in Vegas seemed like a dream come true for both of them until they try living together in Sonya’s Manhattan studio apartment. As they discover that they haven’t been entirely honest with each other or themselves, their secrets come home to roost along with an intrusive mother, the co-op’s strict Board president, a harsh best friend, and a fabulous washer-dryer.
Saturday, October 17th @ 8pm
Call Queens Theatre in the Park at 718.760.0064 to reserve your seat.

“The Birds of Empany”

by Clarence Coo
Instead of looking for a husband, this man would rather give you a slideshow presentation about the birds of New York City. Because watching birds can be more satisfying than finding human connection.
Saturday, October 18th @ 8pm* | RSVP


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