New York Theater Blog Names CAUGHT and VIETGONE Best of 2016

BestofIt’s that time of year, as the Best of the Year accolades begin to roll out. The blog New York Theater has come out with its Top Ten of 2016, and two pieces by Asian American playwrights made their lists:

Caught by Christopher Chen
Caught messed with your head in the most exquisite of ways. In part a send-up of the art scene – the conceptual artist as con artist — it was itself a form of conceptual art, and a series of cons, presenting a Chinese dissident artist who turned out to be very different from what he initially seemed. It is a prime example of an emerging trend that I call trickster theater…

Vietgone by Qui Nguyen
Qui Nguyen and director May Adrales find such richly inventive and entertaining ways to tell the love story of two Vietnamese refugees in America that the play feels wiped clean of the clichés of both the ‘immigrant experience’ and ‘the hell of war’…For all the pop-culture silliness, the playfulness with language, and the clever stagecraft, ‘Vietgone’ paints complex and credible portraits of the two main characters.

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