Philadelphia’s New Asian American Theatre Presents Inaugural Production: TIGER STYLE! by Michael Lew

PAPA Tiger StyleThe first full length production for Philadelphia’s new Asian American Theatre is Michael Lew’s Tiger Style!

Star students and squabbling siblings Albert and Jennifer Chen used to represent the pinnacle of adolescent achievement. But when it comes to adulthood, theyre epic failures. Alberts just been passed up for promotion and Jennifer’s been dumped by her loser boyfriend. So they do what any reasonable brother and sister would do and go on an Asian Freedom Tour! Travelling from California to China, Tiger Style! by Mike Lew is a raucous comedy that examines the successes and failures of tiger parenting from the point of view of a playwright who’s actually been through it.

Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA) has been making waves in the citys theatre community for the past 3 years by tirelessly galvanizing, growing and promoting Phillys Asian American talent through performance series, national forums (Beyond Orientalism, September 2016), and workshop opportunities.

Richard Chan
Arlen Hancock
Anita Holland
Daniel Kim
Stephanie N. Walters

Directed by Jeff Liu

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