The Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra. is casting for its 2019 show, M. Butterfly, by David Henry Hwang,  for their 25th anniversary show, April 11 to May 4, 2019 at the Nevada Theatre.

Auditions in July. They are looking for actors for the role of Song Liling. Headshots and resumes can be submitted to drmoon@chanmoon.com. Preference is for actors who live locally or close to Grass Valley, CA. Prefer nonequity as they are a community theater group but if they choose an Equity actor, contract rate is AEA Special Appearance

For the role of Song Liling, we seek a strong and versatile performer, skilled in movement and dancing as well as acting, who can handle the various modes the script requires: a man who gives an extended drag performance so persuasive that his on-stage French lover and our audience are absolutely convinced he’s a woman, one who seems shy, vulnerable and ashamed even while delivering incisive critiques of Western culture; a roguish, fashionable young man who provocatively testifies in a French courtroom; a ruthless spy taking orders and planning tactics with his Community Party control; and a Peking opera star who also plays “Butterfly” in the Puccini opera.  The ideal actor will be slender and graceful enough to play certain scenes partly undressed in support of the illusion that he’s a woman, and to look alluring in a sheer dressing gown or a dress resembling Anna May Wong’s in Limehouse Blues.  The character plays several love scenes with Gallimard, the French diplomat he seduces, and he sings a brief passage from Madama Butterfly.  There is one extended nude scene.

The Godfather of Asian American Theatre

There's some bio material here: http://wp.me/P5RntU-4G

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