Lauren Yee Wins Horton Foote Prize

lauren headshot  e

Lauren Yee.

As reported in the NY Times, Lauren Yee has won the Horton Foote Prize for Cambodian Rock Band, her music-infused piece about a Cambodian-American woman working to prosecute a Khmer Rouge prison warden. The woman’s father is a former guitarist who survived imprisonment under the regime and emigrated to the United States.

Also notable is the other winner, Jaclyn Backhaus, whose India Pale Ale is the recipient of the promising new American play prize. Ms. Ivey described the piece as a “modern-day fable rooted in stark reality” that “explores what it means to be a Sikh American in this day of racism and fear.” It tells the story of a traditional Punjabi family in a small Wisconsin town celebrating the wedding of its only son.

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