Chil Kong Named Adventure Theatre MTC’s new Artistic Director

Chill KongThe company announced today that its new Artistic Director today will be the Korean-American director Chil Kong whose career spans theatre –  co-leadership of Lodestone Theatre Ensemble in Los Angeles  – and multiple projects for television and film. After directing two feature films (“The Mikado Project” and “QWERTY”) and multiple short films (“Pollen,” “The Oh-Malley’s,” and “The Walk”), Chil was tapped as the creative director of a film fund which focused on English based stories for the Asian market.

He currently has a live-action feature in development at Disney Channel.

Today’s press release quoted Kong: “As a kid growing up in Woodbridge Virginia, I often had to explain my existence. Always the ‘other,’ I found myself trying to understand my place in the diverse tapestry of the American experience. So I left Virginia behind and traveled the country to grow as an Artist and find my place.

“And now I come full circle to my hometown where my artistic journey began, a different person then when I started. Realizing, after all this time, that the very thing that inspired a misfit kid from Woodbridge Virginia, was and is the same inspiration I see in my son’s eyes when I take him to the theater. It’s that joy that I want to share with every child, regardless of age. It’s amazing I had to travel the country only to discover what I was looking for back home.”

Exiting Artistic Director, Michael J. Bobbitt, agrees wholeheartedly, “I have known Chil for a very long time and I’m thrilled that this amazing artist and family man will take the reigns of the theatre and drive it to amazing places. His art and personality will be an asset to the DC community and the theatre for young audience field. Everyone should take the time to get to know this great man.”

Here is Adventure Theatre MTC’s press release.


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