BIndlestiff Venue CLOSED To Fix Damages

Bindlestiff Studio Closed

Bindlestiff Studio Closed

Bindlestiff Venue Closed to Repair Water Damage

In an email sent to supporters, Bindlestiff Studio has passed on some serious news:


Hello family, friends, and supporters. We’d like to update everyone about the current state of the theater, and we apologize for the delay in informing you as we continue to sort out all the details.

As you know, we ended 2019 on an incredibly high-note with our wildly successful 30th Anniversary Gala. Once again, thanks to everyone who bought tickets, donated, and purchased sponsorships. We also want to thank the Gala staff, volunteers, artists, chefs, vendors, in-kind donors, SOMArts personnel, and all the attendees for making it such an unforgettable night, where we raised roughly $55K! Anyone with outstanding pledges can still donate via our campaign page, website, or via our Venmo account: @Bindle-Stiff (please indicate “pledge” in your donation note).

If you want to learn more about our 30-year history and the road ahead, please read these informative articles:

“Home to Fil-Am artists, Bindlestiff Studio turns 30” by Wilfred Galila,

“Bindlestiff, an Experimental Space for Filipino Artists, Is a Fight Against Displacement” by Grace Li, SF Weekly

Unfortunately, 2020 is already shaping up to be a challenging year. Water damage that initially seemed isolated to our elevator has revealed itself to be far more extensive than when we first began repairs last November. In the subsequent months, further investigation has revealed that the entire bottom level requires major repairs, the full extent of which, we have yet to determine. At the very least, we know that our entire stage needs to be re-floored.

So it is with great sadness that we must announce that Bindlestiff is closed until further notice. All current productions/programs will need to be relocated, at least through April.

We want to thank our landlord TNDC (Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp) for proactively addressing this problem, and we commend them for all the work they do to support affordable housing and vital community spaces, like ours, in the City.

Although we cannot present shows at our space for the foreseeable future, we want to assure our supporters that we will continue to engage with them in other venues/media. Most importantly, we want to assure you that our motto of “Never Give Up” will certainly see us through this latest challenge. Thanks for always supporting us!

Bindlestiff’s Donation Page is Here. Thank about throwing a few dollar their way.

Bindlestiff venue closed.



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