Seayoung Yim Wins 2022 Yale Drama Prize

Seayoung Yim ‘Jar Of Fat’ Satire On Beauty Standards

Seayoung Yim

From Deadline:

Seayoung Yim, a playwright and educator from Seattle, has won the 2022 Yale Drama Series Prize for her new play Jar of Fat, a work selected from more than 1,500 entries.

Set in a fantastical fairytale world where two Korean American sisters are deemed too fat to fit in their family grave, Jar of Fat was described by the Prize committee as an “irreverent and vicious satire on beauty standards” and was cited for its “thought provoking subject matter (the universal problem of obesity) as examined through a unique cultural prism, and by the singular voice that the playwright possesses.”

The play follows the sisters as their close bond is threatened under the pressure of their community and fretful parents, who will spare no effort to get them tinier. Jar of Fat “is a prescient absurdist comedy that explores desire, ugliness, and beauty,” the committee said.



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