Broadway Asian Americans

Broadway Asian Americans (that we know of)

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    Helen Park

    Lolita Chakrabart, adapter/playwright, Life of Pi, 2023

  • Helen Park, music and lyrics, KPOP, 2022
  • Jason Kim, book, KPOP, 2022
  • Young Jean Lee, playwright, Straight White Men, 2018
  • Rajiv Joseph, playwright Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, 2017
  • Stephen Karam, playwright, The Humans, 2016
  • Jay Kuo, book, music, lyrics Allegiance, 2015
  • Meera Siyal, book, Bombay Dreams, 2004
  • A.R. Rahman, music, Bombay Dreams, 2004
  • Robert Lopez, music and lyrics, Avenue Q, 2003, The Book of Mormon, 2011, Frozen, 2018
  • Ayad Akhtar, playwright Disgraced 2014, Junk: The Golden Age of Debt, 2017
  • Paul Chihara, music, Shogun, 1990
  • David Henry Hwang, playwright, M. Butterfly, 1988, Golden Child, 1998, Aida (book), 2000, Flower Drum Song (revised book), 2002, Tarzan (book), 2006, Chinglish, 2011
  • Lucia Hwong, incidental music, M. Butterfly, 1988, Golden Child, 1998
  • Dai-Keong Lee, incidental music for Teahouse of the August Moon, 1953.
  • From Daniel Akiyama: Here’s a tricky one: Eaton S. “Bob” Magoon, Jr. wrote the book, music, and lyrics for two Broadway musicals, 13 Daughters (1961) and Heathen! (1972). He was 1/8th Chinese – 13 DAUGHTERS was *very* loosely based on the life of his great-grandfather, Chun Afong. If you took a poll of Hawai‘i residents, I doubt many of us would think of Magoon as Asian American; but I feel like he should be at least a footnote.”

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