Production History for Seattle’s Northwest Asian American Theatre

Production History of Seattle’s NWAAT

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  • Marginal Man by Marilyn Tokuda


  • Philipino Legends, Folklore and American Impressions by Carlos Bulosan, adapted by Stan Asis
  • Freddie the Pigeon by Seymour Leichman
  • An Evening of Japanese Theatre


  • Year of the Dragon by Frank Chin
  • And the Soul Shall Dance by Wakako Yamauchi
  • Nisei Bar and Grill by Garrett Kaoru Hongo


  • Gold Watch by Momoko Iko
  • Honey Bucket by Mel Escueta


  • Jackrabbit by Jeffrey Paul Chan
  • Lady Murasaki Rides the Wild, Wild West by Lori Higa


  • No-No Boy (excerpts) by John Okada
  • One, Two Cups by Mei-Mei Bressenbruge
  • Year of the Dragon by Frank Chin


  • Lady is Dying by Amy Sanbo and Lonny Kaneko


  • F.O.B. by David Henry Hwang


  • Oofty-Goofty by Frank Chin
  • Life in the Fast Lane by Lane Nishikawa
  • Song for a Nisei Fisherman by Philip Kan Gotanda


  • Benny Hana by Amy Sanbo
  • The Romance of Magno Rubio by Carlos Bulosan, adapted by Nancy Rebusit
  • Yellow Fever by R.A. Shiomi


  • Flowers and Household Gods by Momoko Iko
  • Innovasians, choreographed by Bengie Santos
  • Gathering Ground, adapted by Maria Batayola
  • Made in America by Nikki Louis


  • Innovasians II, choreographed by Bengie Santos
  • Breaking the Silence by Nikki Louis


  • Miss Minidoka 1943 by Gary Iwamoto
  • Sunday Series
    Black Tent Theatre of Japan


  • Miss Minidoka 1943 by Gary Iwamoto
  • Eye of the Coconut by Jeannie Barroga
  • Gambling Den by Akemi Kikumura
  • Empress of China by Ruth Woolf


  • Love Sutras by Maria Batayola and Chris Wong
  • Filipino Oral Histories
  • Webster Street Blues by Warren Kubota


  • Who Killed the Dragon Lady by Gary Iwamoto
  • WinterFest ’90
    Cold Tofu
    Deems Tsutakawa
  • Transformation: The Monkey King by Stan Asis


  • The Wash by Philip Kan Gotanda
  • Winterfest 91
    I’m on a Mission from Buddha by Lane Nishikawa
    Tokyo Bound by Amy Hill
    Cold Tofu: On the Rampage
  • Dreamweaver by Gary Iwamoto
  • Twinkle by Gary Iwamoto


  • Song for a Nisei Fisherman by Philip Kan Gotanda
  • Winterfest 92
    The Queen’s Garden by Brenda Aoki Wong
    Secrets of a Samurai Centerfielder by Dan Kwong
    Big Nisei Broadcast by Kathy Hsieh
  • Yeb Yang Yah by Lenore Bensinger and Christopher Johnson
  • Godzilla Comes to Little Tokyo by Karen Tei Yamashita
  • The Grapevine by Soji Kashiwaga
  • Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder


  • Dance and the Railroad by David Henry Hwang
  • Drizzle and other Stories by Sung Rno
  • Winterfest 93
    The Bird by Kipp Erante Cheng
    White Like Me?/Dairy Farmers and Samurai
    Beside Myself by Amy Hill
    Miss Minidoka 1943 by Gary Iwamoto
  • Please Choose One by Nancy Calos Nakano and Maria Decaney
  • Fifth of July by Lanford Wilson
  • Divine Wind by Stanford Yukinaga


  • And the Soul Shall Dance by Wakako Yamauchi
  • Winterfest 94
    Dancefest 94
    The Hurt of One & The Honor of One
  • Origami by D.A.Tsufura
  • Letters to a Student Revolutionary by Elizabeth Wong


  • F.O.B. by David Henry Hwang
  • WinterFest 95
    Young Composers Collective
    A Grain of Sand
    Headless Turtlenecks & Other Relatives by Denise Uyehara
    Chado by A.C. Petersen
  • Uncle Hideki by Jeannie Okimoto
  • Age of Wonders by Lawrence Yep


12-1-A by Wakako Yamauchi

  • Winterfest 96
    Reunion by Amy Hill
    The Dodo Vaccine by Dan Kwong
    The Oyoyo Sisters
  • Cleveland Raining by Sung Rno
  • Hiro by Denise Uyehara


  • The Dream of Kitamura by Philip Kan Gotanda
  • Janie Bigo by Dmae Roberts


  • Exit the Dragon by Eric Michael Zee
  • Winterfest 98
    Home by Chay Yew
    Pork Filled Players: Makin’ Bacon
    The Best of OPM
  • Gold Watch by Momoko Iko


  • Flipzoids by Ralph Pena
  • Pork Filled Players: All Wallows Eve
  • West Side Story
  • Pork Filled Players: Won Ton of Love
  • A Fest 99:
    All One Tribe
    Barking Wall by Michael Min
    Pork Filled Players: AA-TV
  • Welcome to the Wongs, Andy Lew


  • Rancho Grande by Eugenie Chan
  • Pork Filled Players: Goes Down Easy
  • I Remember Mapa by Alec Mapa
  • Pork Filled Players: [sic] & twisted
  • A Fest 2000
    Traces by Mew Chang Tsai and John Pai
    Pork Filled Players: And Now for Something A Bit Different


  • The Fantastiks
  • Pork Filled Players: Dirty Laundry (tales from the hamper)
  • Afest 2001
    Talking with My Hands by James Sie
    Emerald Collection by Cheronne Wong
    Re: Lady White Snake
  • Porcelain by Chay Yew


  • China Doll by Elizabeth Wong
  • Pork Filled Players: Crouching Elves, Hidden Packages
  • Kan


  • Blurred Intent by Richard Sloniker