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Submissions Guidelines for Mo`olelo

Theatre Name
Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company
Address PO Box 710564
San Diego, CA 92171-0564
Phone (619) 342-7395
Artistic Director Seema Sueko
Literary Manager NA
Submission procedure
Play Submissions
Mo`olelo's welcomes submissions of contemporary, full-length plays of all genres that explore political, social, and cultural issues of our time. Our preference is for scripts that feature multi-cultural casts of five or less.
Please include in your submission:

* Biography/resume and full contact information of playwright(s)
* History of the project (any workshops, readings, productions, etc.)
* Full Script
* A self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish to have your materials returned

Send to:
Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company
Attn: Play Submission
PO Box 710564
San Diego, CA 92171-0564

Types of Material

Mo`olelo exists to uncover and research stories within different communities and bring them to life on stage, using all the artistic and technical elements of the performing arts.

Mo`olelo exists to produce original stories by contemporary playwrights and lesser-known stories by master playwrights.

Mo`olelo exists to educate youth in technical theatre and design, exposing them to potential careers, and grooming this new generation of theatre artists so they can tell stories on stage with integrity.

Why “Mo`olelo”?
While it may sound strange, the name was carefully chosen by the founders to reflect the company’s mission and objectives. Mo`olelo is the Hawaiian word for story, legend, tale or narrative. At Mo`olelo, telling good stories is what we strive to do, recognizing the power of personal narrative to affect change in society. In addition, the co-founders were raised in Hawaii, and wanted to reflect the theatre company’s value for multiculturalism in the arts by selecting this Hawaiian word. So that’s why Mo`olelo… Funny word, good theatre.

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Production Considerations  
Best Submission Time  
Response Time  
Special Programs  

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